Pc Gaming Show: All You Need To Know

Pc Gaming Show: All You Need To Know

The PC Gaming Show is a significant event within the PC gaming community, offering exclusive game reveals and insights into the latest developments. With notable hosts and a global viewership, this show provides a glimpse into the future of PC gaming.

It serves as a platform to showcase upcoming games and trends, offering viewers a chance to explore the diverse landscape of PC gaming culture. By tuning in, gamers can stay informed about the industry and discover new possibilities within the world of PC gaming.

Event Overview

The annual PC Gaming Show is a prominent showcase of new PC games, featuring hosts such as Frankie Ward, Sean Day Plott, and Mica Burton.

The event unveils exclusive game reveals like Stormgate, Still Wakes the Deep, and Killing Floor 3, generating anticipation among attendees.

Since its establishment in 2015, the show has highlighted significant moments in PC gaming history.

With a growing viewership of 13 million, the PC Gaming Show demonstrates the increasing popularity of PC gaming on a mainstream level.

Its innovative content and presentations continue to engage audiences globally.

Gaming Highlights

Get ready for the upcoming PC Gaming Show 2024, featuring hosts Frankie Ward, Sean Day(9) Plott, and Mica Burton.

The event will showcase over 50 new PC games across various genres, including exclusive world premieres, interviews, and updates on titles like Killing Floor 3, Fallen Aces, and Streets of Rogue 2.

The show will also reflect on the evolution of PC gaming in the last decade.

Content creators and streamers can apply for partnership opportunities by completing a form for access to press kits and visual assets.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive gaming experience at the PC Gaming Show 2024!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you interested in reaching a gaming-focused audience with your products? The PC Gaming Show offers sponsorship opportunities tailored to meet your marketing objectives.

Reach out to Melissa Makmaltchi, the designated contact person, via the provided email address to explore personalized sponsorship packages. Benefit from established industry collaborations and present your brand to a broad gaming demographic.

Sponsors partnering with the PC Gaming Show can expect enhanced brand visibility and access to exclusive promotional opportunities. Seize this opportunity to enhance your brand’s presence within the gaming community and connect with an enthusiastic audience.

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Media Coverage Details

The PC Gaming Show, hosted by Mica Burton, Sean Day Plott, and Frankie Ward, is set to showcase significant moments in PC gaming history since 2015.

The event will be available for viewing on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Steam, and Bilibili, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Official co-streaming partners will also broadcast the show, expanding its reach to a wider audience.

Stay updated on post-show reveals and demos on the Steam event page for additional gaming news and updates.

Stay connected to the latest developments in the gaming world by following the PC Gaming Show.

Upcoming Games Showcase

The PC Gaming Show will feature an array of upcoming titles, offering a glimpse into the future of gaming.

Among The Wild combines farming, exploration, and creature collection with a unique twist of mischievous companions.

Starbirds, a futuristic game integrating resource management and intergalactic exploration, is set to release in 2025.

Lorn Vale, an apocalyptic RPG by Gritty Games, plunges players into a survival experience in a desolate wasteland with dynamically generated challenges.

Ale Abbey, a management simulation game focusing on brewing ales and overseeing brewers, is expected to launch later this year.

Streets of Rogue 2, an open-world RPG emphasizing building, crafting, and survival in a vast environment, will enter early access on August 6.

Unique Gameplay Features

Featured at the PC Gaming Show, Wander Stars by Paper Castle Games offers a distinctive gameplay experience by combining vocabulary and 90s anime elements in a turn-based battling game. Players engage in strategic combat by forming words to unleash powerful attacks, providing a unique twist on the traditional turn-based genre.

Southfield adds a quirky touch to farming simulation games with its comedic physics and eccentric characters, promising unexpected situations like exploding crops.

Steel Seed immerses players in a dark sci-fi platformer focused on storytelling and exploration within a mysterious facility, following Zoe and her drone partner Koby.

Fallen Aces presents a comic book-style FPS adventure with stealth or action gameplay options, with the first episode launching on June 14.

Lastly, Stormgate offers a deep RTS experience featuring strategic battles, resource management, and faction emphasis, set for release on August 13.

Release Dates and Events

The 10th annual PC Gaming Show will premiere on Sunday, June 9 at 1 pm Pacific with a 20-minute pre-show. Hosted by Mica Burton, Sean Day Plott, and Frankie Ward, the event will feature exclusive reveals of over 50 new PC games.

Fans can watch the show on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Steam, and Bilibili. Following the event, viewers can visit the Steam event page for any post-show reveals.

This event is significant for PC gaming enthusiasts looking for updates on upcoming releases and events. Set your reminders with the PC Gaming Show trailer and mark your calendars for a lineup tailored to the PC gaming community.


You’ve now got the inside scoop on the PC Gaming Show, from exciting game reveals to sponsorship opportunities.

Keep an eye out for upcoming releases and unique gameplay features that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Don’t miss out on all the action and stay tuned for more gaming goodness coming your way!